Other Services


Technical Standards and Documentation

Electro has extensive experience in developing training manuals and technical standards for electrical distributors and transmission authorities including:

  • Energex
  • Ergon
  • Powerlink
  • TasNetworks


Technical & Economic Studies

Technical and Economic Studies for both government agencies and the private sector - feasibility studies, whole-of-life comparisons of competing technologies, accident and failure investigations, development and implementation of new products and systems.


We can help write your technical specification documents so you can start the tendering process with confidence.



Feeder Ratings Surveys

Careful analysis exents the life of existing assets.

Many electricity utilities have aging infrastructure. Re-rating existing feeders by carefully measuring and adjusting line clearances can facilitate higher temperature of operation and consequently huge increases in line capacity.


This allows major augmentation works to be deferred by many years, even decades. ELECTRO Technical Consultants provides field surveys, analysis and design to increase the rating of existing lines.