Certificates of Supply



Council development conditions for small subdivisions or lot reconfigurations may require a 'Certificate of Supply' from an electricity distributor.


Authorised Issuer

ELECTRO is authorised to issue these on behalf of Energy Queensland (Energex) where a suitable three-phase supply can be obtained from the existing Energy Queensland distribution network.


Our work involves:


  • Obtaining network records
  • Visiting site to physically inspect conditions
  • Checks and calculations as to the adequacy of the network


Our turnaround times are typically less than a week.

(Should we find that, for some reason, a suitable supply is not available, we will advise and happily credit the fee paid for a certificate of supply toward our fee for design of an upgrade to the Energy Queensland network.)

Request a Quotation:

Please send us a copy of your Subdivision Plan and council Development Conditions.