About us


ELECTRO Technical Consultants (ETC) have been providing technical services to industry since 1993. The firm is based at Taringa in Brisbane, Australia. We are an 'A Rated' Energex consultancy and are proud of holding ISO9001 Quality certification for over a decade.


Key staff have many decades of solid industry experience in power engineering, training and management systems behind them. In addition, we have links with a number of experienced firms with complimentary skills so as to offer the broadest possible range of skills.


ETC staff have the tools to do the job properly—modern survey equipment and design software for rapid turnaround of work as well as documented quality procedures for output of a consistently high standard.


Whether it be simple supply to a new lot, or the implementation of a new power distribution system, ETC has the expertise!


Our pricing is competitive. Many utilities and government departments have found it more cost-effective to engage ETC rather than place a drain upon their in-house resources.


         “For solid industry experience and a results-driven orientation


Good design and training leads to savings.


Planning, design and training are an investment that will be recouped many times over during the implementation phase of a project.